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Post by Admin on Sun May 22, 2016 2:30 pm

At any time these rules are subject to change, so please make sure to check back every now and then to make sure you're up to date. Announcements will be made if any major alterations occur.

Timeline: Given Admin's current lack of depth of knowledge in the series (currently on episode 100 bear with me please), the current timeline takes place around/after the Alabasta arc. Though no major events will be altered by the progression of these adventures, minor changes and notice of our activities may take place. For now players are restricted to only original characters (OCs) until such time as the main cast can be adequately and easily brought in to merge with the various group activities. As this will also require finding good people to RP them, expect the straw hats to be at best NPCs.

Original Characters:

Point of View: Limit role playing to the third person perspective, restricted to characters and NPCs you are playing. Any other P.o.V. can make the RP confusing and hard to follow.

Character Race: Any sapient races found in One Piece canon are allowed to be role played. Fishmen and Merfolk must be based on real-life species of fish and cephalopods, including things like eels, angler fish, squid, etc. Try to avoid crustaceans and mammals.

Devil Fruits: New members may have one character with a Paramecia, Logia, or normal Zoan-type devil fruit, and any type of devil fruit can only be held by one character. This limit will hold unless the devil fruit holder is killed in-game, at which point the player will be allowed to either make a new character with a devil fruit, or find/purchase a devil fruit for an existing character. The devil fruit belonging to the deceased character will also be made available for other characters to use.

Mythical and Ancient Zoans will only be made available through contests, random events, or earned through other methods. They are meant to be extremely rare and will not be handed out lightly.

Once a character has eaten their Devil Fruit, just as in the show they cannot change it. Choose wisely before deciding just which fruit your character will get. As in the show, only one devil fruit per character, no exceptions.


Non-Player Characters: NPCs may be created at any time without the need for direct staff approval, though they are mostly subject to the same player held guidelines as a regular player character. This means that if you don't control the character personally (because it is someone else's NPC) you must have their permission to do so.

You do not have to make a profile for an NPC if they are only showing up for a thread or two, though we do recommend that you make a profile for them if you wish for them to be used by others - it's always nice to have some set information to call upon.

In regards to NPCs and Devil Fruits, you are allowed to create them for NPCs, but the power itself must still go through the approval process as normal. It should also be noted that players get priority when it comes to Devil Fruit abilities; if another member wishes to adopt an ability and can get it approved, then they are entitled to take the power for themselves. However, members should always consult the original creator of a Devil Fruit, regardless, and should not steal another person's ideas without their consent.

Devil Fruits created for NPCs will not count towards your Devil Fruit limits, with one exception. If the NPC is an Allied NPC (i.e. they travel with one of your characters or are part of a player-controlled crew), then you must use one of your available Devil Fruit slots. Neutral and Enemy NPCs are exempt from this rule.


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