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    Rona Toriana {WIP}

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    Rona Toriana {WIP}

    Post by Lord Beezlebub on Sun May 22, 2016 5:34 pm

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Rona Toriana
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human

    Profession: Blacksmith

    The Character

    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 145lbs
    Build: Lean and Muscular
    Hair: Bright Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing/Accessories: Wears a white tank-top with the word FAIRY boldly across the chest in purple lettering and black leather pants with a pair of combat boots. Her hands were wrapped in white bandages and she has a pair of steel-linked bracers that have a lamenated design to them. Around her neck, she wears a bright red dragon pendant
    General Appearance: Has pale white skin, with bright red hair and brilliant blue eyes. She has a lean and muscular form, though its more muscular than lean.
    Personality: Rona is the gung-ho, friendly type of person, the kind of gal who does anything and everything with a large amount of zeal and energy. However, this also translates a bit into factor that she is also easily provoked and rather violent in her tendencies. Although she has a massive amount of patience when it comes to her smithing trade and views her art with nothing less than love. Rona also has a strange quirk where she truly believes she can speak to a weapon’s soul. This only happens towards weapons who are greatly cared for and treasured, as she puts it, because that’s when the sword becomes more than just that. Although seemingly crazy, she has a habit of mentioning things she wouldn’t know about the owner otherwise.
    Hometown: Wayland
    History: Rona Toriana is a blacksmith whose dream it is to make what will be considered the next legendary blade. She spent a good portion of her life on the, to be generic, Blacksmithy island where everyone there is some form of accomplished blacksmith after washing ashore on a piece of driftwood. During the first few years that she was on the island, she was little more than just a punk who ran around and started fights to prove she was strong, though with little known cause. This is of course, until she started a fight with a group of marines who insulted her and was arrested after being subdued by the warship’s captain. When it looked like she would taken to prison, one of the more accomplished blacksmiths saved her from being taken to jail by the marines.

    When asked why, this man named Volundr, told her that her strength needs to be put to use bending iron and steel, not breaking bones. Although reluctant at first, her immunity to fire and her natural strength proved that this was simply her calling. So, she spent the next few years training underneath this master of hers, who taught her to be a blacksmith like that of the best. However, her master has recently died and she finds herself stuck on the island due to a promise that she made to Volundr, watching over a little shop that she wants to leave, believing that the proper smithing techniques she needs will be found on other islands.

    Strengths: Massive physical strength, Immunity to fire and heat, Heals when surrounded in flames
    Weaknesses: During colder weather or in colder climates, she becomes very sluggish and lazy, barely able to go a couple steps without falling asleep. Has a pin-drop temper and is easily goaded into fighting someone. Cannot swim. Seastone and sea water weaken her.
    Goals: To smith the next legendary blade

    Abilities and Possessions

    Combat: Her forte is hand-to-hand combat in a brawler style of fighting. She often uses fire amplified attacks, lighting her hands or legs on fire to add an extra oomph to her attack. She likes to take her weapons into battle, but this isn’t her preferred fighting style and is simply her doing her best to stress test them to the limit. Only has a proficiency in Blunt weapons, preferably clubs or hammers.
    Weaponry: Whatever she smiths that time.
    Haki: Armament Haki (Not unlocked.)
    Items: Flint and steel for starting fires, a small hammer that hangs from her belt, a bag full of scrap metal and snacks, sometimes mixed with bad results.
    Berries: None
    Devil Fruit Name: Eki-Eki fruit, Model: Salamander
    Devil Fruit Type: Zoan type
    Devil Fruit Ability:
    -Allows the user to take the form of a Salamander lizard or a hybrid form between Salamander and human.
    -The user is completely immune to fire and heat based damage.
    -In a shifted form, large amounts of flames can heal wounds and regrow scales.

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