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Neila Caldell

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Neila Caldell

Post by RukariCat on Sun May 22, 2016 6:37 am

Basic Character Information
Name: Neila Caldell
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Affiliation: Pirate, ex-Marine
Bounty (Pirates only): 0
Rank (Marines only: Former Lieutenant
Profession: NA
Position (on ship): Captain/Navigator  

The Character

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 170
Build: Lean but muscular
Hair: Short burgundy red
Eyes: Malachite green
Clothing/Accessories: Her main outfit consists of a long-sleeve, pale blue blouse with the collar perpetually turned up. Over this she wears a navy blue vest trimmed in gold that she usually keeps buttoned up. Matching navy slacks accompany the look, the flared legs covering low-heeled black leather boots. A black coat completes the outfit, tattered and fraying, with the ragged tears on the shoulders where the epaulets were ripped off. The coat sleeves hang long, often obscuring her hands from view. A gold chain hangs from her right breast pocket, attached to a gold compass and pocket watch.
General Appearance: Averagely proportioned for a woman of her height, Neila carries herself with the rigid bearing of a former naval officer. Old training is hard to forget. Various scars encircle her tanned arms and torso, the most prominent running across her left shoulder. Other than old injuries, she has no defining birthmarks or the like. Her hair is cut short in the back, slopping down to longer locks framing her face. She appears to be perpetually glaring at the world, though she swears it's just the way her face is. Her clothes mask a toned physique, and an injury that frustrates her to no end. Though it isn't obvious at first glance, the lower half of her arm is a crude mechanical replacement.
Personality: Neila is a no-nonsense woman, and looks at every scenario in life as a battle or conflict to be navigated and strategized around. Rarely smiling or amused, she takes a fatalist standpoint on just about everything. She has a tendency to snap when people aren't taking things seriously enough for her liking, but in the same turn grumbles that it's pointless to complain anyways. Once a bright young soldier, filled with determination and dreams, her mind has turned solely to revenge. It will take a lot of coaxing to get her to enjoy life again. She doesn't seem or act overtly trusting, and often questions her shipmates' actions at every turn. Eventually it is possible to earn her trust and loyalty, but for the moment anyone she works with is a means to an end and ultimately expendable, just as she is.    
History(Min 2 Paragraphs): Neila grew up in a city with a decent marine influence and bustling commerce. Their ports were well-guarded enough that pirates weren't a problem, and so for the most part she paid little head to the seas. Her family was incredibly poor, surviving off manual labor and barely able to keep food on the table in their tiny home. Thus, as soon as she was old enough, Neila jumped at the chance to join the marines as a way to help her family. Years of intense training and hard work lead her to slowly work her way up through the ranks, eventually becoming a lieutenant.

Proud to be a ranked marine and hoping to become a vice admiral someday, Neila jumped at every mission and bounty hunt that crossed her path, doing her best to uphold justice wherever she could. However, she began noticing a trend with the jobs she was assigned, specifically the gradual decline in true and honorable assignments. She presented her concerns to her superiors but they were ultimately rejected as baseless imaginings. Not wishing to lose her job or the steady source of income that was providing for her family, Neila continued her work. Occasionally she made slight attempts to help and protect the innocents where she could, gradually making bolder efforts as time passed.

Eventually a job came across her desk that was too good to be true, one that would guarantee her promotion to the next rank. All she had to do was work with another ship to capture a troublesome group of pirates from the east blue who were approaching the Grand Line. However, the entire mission was a set-up, and the marine ship they were supposed to work with attacked, and her ship was destroyed in the battle. Neila lost part of her left arm in the fight and was captured. Time passed and the young marine was eventually presumed dead. However, a strikingly similar figure surfaced in the Grand Line after a brief time, bearing a couple fresh scars, a deadly look in her eyes, and a passion for vengeance.
Strengths: She's got a fair amount of raw power and a grim determination. She can and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, often at no small personal cost. Her military experience also makes her a decent strategist when it comes to large-scale fights.
Weaknesses: Her recent betrayal has left Neila extremely, wholeheartedly, decidedly paranoid. She trusts absolutely no one, and suspects everyone of being a potential spy or a marine in disguise. She's painfully quick to turn on people at the slightest hint of betrayal or suspicion. As a result, it's also impossible to get her to open up about her past. For an as of yet inexplicable reason, she also is dreadfully afraid of any kind of doctor, to the point of refusing treatment for even the most serious diseases or injuries. She'd sooner chop her leg off then have a doctor look at it.
Goals: Revenge is the order of the day, and she is determined to get back at the Marines for everything they did to her. Nothing else really matters to her.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Her style is aggressive and sweeping, relying on broad attacks from her giant weapons. She may be a bit slow on the draw, but all she has to do is land one hit to change the tide of a battle.
Weaponry: Anything big and typically two-handed. Mainly halberds, war axes, and the occasional war hammer.
Haki: NA
Items: A battered Halberd, a pocket watch/compass which also contains a small picture of her family.
Beries: 1,000
Devil Fruit Name: NA
Devil Fruit Type: NA
Devil Fruit Ability: NA 


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